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John David Webster: Another Prodigal Son!

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Being still too young, John David Webster felt that he was called to sing for God. However, something was stronger than this call. John wanted to be like everybody else, to do what everybody does so that he even did drugs. In spite of this, the call of God and his purpose for his life finally won the game. After playing with a rock band during school and a jazz band during high school, he started singing at his Church. By that time, he was also singing independently, talking about the redemption and the way in which Christ changed his life.

Before he could finally record a single, he performed opening shows for some of the most important gospel and Christian artists: Third Day, Delirious, The Kry and Rich Mullins. After touring with The Kry, he recorded an album with Sting, Seal and Elton John. Fortunately, he met Mike Blanton, a music executive, through his daughter. Soon he started to work the sounds, melodies and songs that would be included in his first album, Made to Shine. John David Webster achieved to have in the same album songs that talk about God’s love and Salvation as well as modern rock, pop, blues and gentle balladry sounds.

Made to Shine is a personal album that reflects what John David Webster has experienced during the years before the release of this album. The name reflects what God wants us to be. This album has the vitality and intensity of John and the experience of the producer Scott Parker. The result: a great album with melodies and sounds that combine the modernity of contemporary sound with the beauty of angelical chants. This is a contagious album with catchy classic rock sounds.

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