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Hurt: Take it Easy, This Music Does Not Hurt!

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Hurt is an alternative and nu metal rock band. The leader of the group is J. Loren Wince, who is the lead singer, guitarist, violinist and arranger. He grew up in the town of Culpeper in Virginia. His parents were musicians and since his early years they exposed Loren to the classical and gospel music while the rock and roll music was totally forbidden for him. However, as all the guys (when something is forbidden the curiosity for knowing it is bigger) Loren discovered the rock and found in it a form to express his emotions. He composed a demo which was heard by the drummer Evan Johns (son of Andy Johns, famous rock engineer and producer of groups like Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen).

After that Evan decided join Loren along the bassist Josh Ansley and the guitarist Paul Spatola. The group is very recent and this year they just released their debut album which is entitled “Vol. 1” and is expected to receive good criticism. The main single of the disc is named “Rapture”. The music style of the band has been classified as brutality and melody with strong chords but also acoustic sections. The mixture of the combination of those sound define the own style of Hurt.

The guys form Hurt said that they have been very influenced by other rock bands as Metallica, Nirvana and Tool. The band is still composed by the founding members and several music critics have qualified the band as a grunge, nu metal fusion and prog rock group. However, the only important thing is that this music does not hurt.

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