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Watermark: Marking Hearts!

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Watermark is a duo composed of the married Nathan and Christy Nockels who were signed by Rocktown by 1998 after hearing them at Houston's First Baptist Church. Previously, in 1997, Nathan and Christy have performed with Charlie and Kimberly Hall with the name Sons and Daughters. In fact, their debut album as Watermark with Rocktown was almost a re-record of the songs encompassed in the Sons and Daughters’ album Open Me Up. This marriage has been blessed with a great family and the talent that has driven them into this musical ministry.

Their next album, All Things New, was released in 2000 and became one of the most memorable and known works. They see the hand of God in whatever they do. They have released albums with singles full of blessings for those who hear them. However, the fact that God has been always with Watermark does not mean that they do not deserve some of the recognition. Nathan, besides being a great singer, was born with a God’s gift: He is an outstanding songwriter and an inherent producer and composer. Their project of life as human beings and followers of Christ can be appreciated in their albums, Constant (2002) and The Purest Place (2004).

They were nominated for a GMA music award with this album. Recently, specifically on March 14, 2006, they released what is, at this moment, their last project. A Grateful People is a live album recorded at their church in Brentwood. The album includes thirteen singles and counts on the collaboration of Chris Tomlin, Shane and Shane, Ed Cash and Point of Grace. This last project is a celebration and a way to thank God for all the things he has given them.

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