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Godsmack: Metal Rock from Boston

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Godsmack is a hard rock group from Boston, MA. On an interview made in the MTV channel the members of Godsmack said that they were very influenced by the rock band Alice in Chains. Many people say that due to that influence they obtained their band’s name because one of the songs of Alice is called “God Smack” which is in the album “Dirt”.  It is composed by Sully Erna who is the singer, Robbie Merrill in the bass, Tony Rombola who plays the guitar and is also the backing vocalist and Shannon Larkin responsible for make the drums sound. Even when several people have said that these guys are very similar to the group Alice in Chains, they said that they feel influenced by this band but they are not copying their work and also that they feel happy to be compared with them.

The guys of Godsmack also said that they are influenced by other bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Rush and they also said that the name of their band is not because the song of Alice. It is for another fact that occurred a long time ago in a practice when the drummer was sick by a cold sore on his lips. The guys were making jokes about that due to a photo shoot and the next day another of the guys had the same problem. Then the drummer said “see? That is due to your jokes, God smacked you too”.

In the year 1998 Godsmack released two discs; the first entitled “All Wound Up” and then “Godsmack”. Two years later they launched “Awake” which has the song “Vampires” that received a Grammy nomination in the category of Best Rock Instrumental Performance in the year 2002. In 2001 they launched their fourth record which was called “Faceless”. Three years later (2004) the guys of Godsmack were opening the concerts of Metallica and in the same year they released their third disc named “The Other Side”.

This year Godsmack is releasing their latest album baptized “IV”. The band has also launched one live DVD called “Changes” and another live cut which is only available online.

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