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Jim Brickman an American-Jewish Modern Composer

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Jim Brickman is an American-Jewish modern pianist and writer. Jim is recognized for his unique alone piano symphonies that are categorized as new age melodies. Nonetheless, he is as renowned for his innovative love melodies and playing them with singers like Michael W. Smith, Martina McBride, and others.

Jim Brickman was born and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. He joined up in the Cleveland Institute of Music taking lessons in performance and composition, while attending business lessons at Case Western Reserve University. His music profession began when he was nineteen years old, when Jim Henson employed him to compose melodies for Sesame Street. He was also employed to compose commercial songs while in university. He worked with Windham Hill Records to launch his first record, in 1994, “No Words”. The single "Rocket To The Moon" from that album was the first alone instrumental melody ever to be categorized on Billboard's charts. Four of his records have all vended more than 500,000 copies, categorizing them as gold albums in the United States.

Jim Brickman composes an extensive assortment of melodies. In addition to his love songs and piano compositions, he has also produced preparations of other symphonies. Some of his records include arrangements of children's melodies; he has edited 2 Christmas-themed records; and his 2005 record Grace focuses on arrangements of recognized Christian melodies.

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