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Kitaro Uses Extremely Musical Synthesizer Melodies

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Kitaro's technique is the essence of the thoughtful, extremely musical synthesizer melodies frequently connected with the new age style. Entertainingly sufficient, this well-known Japanese musician trained himself to perform electric guitar in college, motivated by the R&B melodies of Otis Redding. In the beginnings of the seventies, Kitaro created The Far East Family Band that produced two records of Progressive Rock. In 1972, nevertheless, he met the ground-breaking German musician Klaus Schulze throughout a tour to Europe. Kitaro was captivated. He created his first synthesizer and started testing with all types of strange sounds. His first single record, Astral Voyage, emerged in 1978 and rapidly gained a trendy following. Two years afterward, he edited the first of some songs for Silk Road, a Japanese TV documentary sequence of programs that administered for 5 years. Several records of melodies from Silk Road were launched to an increasing international group of fans who accepted his mixture of gentle, grandiose textures and lush, nearly inexperienced, melodies.

Kitaro, nevertheless, was still a well thought-out and alternative musician in America until he worked with Geffen Records in 1986, which re-launched 7 of his earlier records and gave him the help to develop his range in many manners. For example, after years of producing records in the privacy of his house studio close to Japan's Mt. Fuji, Kitaro created his 1987 record, The Light of the Spirit, with the assistance of Mickey Hart.

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