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Steven Curtis Chapman: Relief through Adoption!

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Steven Curtis Chapman, born in Kentucky in 1962, is one of the most relevant representatives of contemporary Christian music. At the beginning of his musical career, he was signed to write songs, so he wrote “Built To Last”. Almost immediately after this, he got a contract with Sparrow Records. This would definitely mark his career and would give him a lot of satisfaction and recognition. His first release was Real Life Conversations in 1987, and from that moment up to now, he has matured as an artist and a human being. Sixteen albums released from 1987 to 2005 are the support of a musical career that goes beyond beautiful melodies and relies on transmitting messages of hope and solidarity.

For Steven Curtis Chapman, family is the most important institutions created by God. That is why he not only has a big family (his wife and six kids) but also a diverse one: three biological and three adopted kids. Their commitment to adoption has been shown in the establishment of Shaohannah's Hope, which is an organization that helps Christian families who want to adopt a child but cannot afford the process by granting them with the money they need. It is exactly this situation and the loneliness in which orphans live that inspired him to do his album All I Really Want for Christmas (2005).

All I Really Want for Christmas is an album that contains 13 singles. Some of them are traditional Christmas songs while others portray the reality of millions of orphan kids all around the world that instead of wanting toys for Christmas want something more important: A family. Some of the singles enclosed in this album are “The Miracle of Christmas”, “The Night Before Christmas”, “The Night Before Christmas”, “Winter Wonderland”, and “Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem”.

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