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Jonny Lang: Blues With A Fresh Message!

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This young American blues singer and guitarist has conquered the audiences with his warm voice and the worth of his lyrics; Jon Gordon Langseth Jr., better known as Jonny Lang, was born January 29, 1981 in North Dakota. His solo debut as a blues performer was at age 15, and his album was called “Lie to Me”. However, he had other musical experiences before jumping to fame; he began playing with the Bad Medicine Blues Band while they had a live show, around age 12. After some time, Jonny became the leader of this band and named it as Kid Jonny Lang and the Big Band; Lang together with the other members, launched a blues album called “Smokin” in 1995.

The sensation he has caused in the audiences has occurred mostly because of the strength of his voice, which sounds like if he were older than he actually is, and the smoothness and natural charisma in his guitar solos and performance in concerts. Through his childhood and youngster years, Jonny Lang rehearsed his solos and experimented with the classic influences of blues music.

After this huge trend in blues music, Jonny has earned the recognition of many contemporary guitarists and singers around the world, as it is the case of Eric Clapton; Lang was invited by Clapton to participate in the Crossroads Guitar Festival, held in 2004, to obtain donations for the Crossroads Centre Antigua, which treats patients with addictive disorders (drugs, alcohol, etc).

During his spare time, Jonny Lang loves to share his achievements with his beloved wife; actually, she is helping him to prepare his upcoming album, which will contain a greater amount of gospel music, due to the fact that he wants to include his deepest beliefs in it.

So go ahead and check out his official web site and meet this brand new blues idol who will demonstrate to you that he really knows what he wants!

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