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Massive Attack: There is Nothing to Worry About… It Is Just Music

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Massive Attack is a dance/electronic band from Bristol, England. The music of this band is electronic and it combines elements of genres such as hip hop and jazz, among others. Massive Attack is influenced by darker forms of electronic music. This band has released the following eight albums: Blue Lines, Protection, No Protection, Mezzanine, 100th Window, Danny the Dog, Bullet Boy and Collected. “Any Love”, the first single of Massive Attack was released in 1988. In 1991, Massive Attack released Blue Lines, their first album. The hit singles of Blue Lines are: “Daydreaming” and “Unfinished Sympathy”, which many people describe as one of the best songs of all time. The music genre known as “the Bristol sound” or trip hop was created after the release of Blue Lines but the members of Massive Attack were not too happy about this, it bothered them.

The original members of Massive Attack were: Robert Del Naja (“3D”), Andrew Vowles (“Mushroom”) and Grant Marshall (“Daddy G”). Massive Attack invites different vocalists for each of their albums. Some of the singers that have worked with them are: Sinéad O’ Connor, Cocteau Twins, Elizabeth Fraser, Sara Jay, Nicolette, Tracey Thorn, Shara Nelson, Tricky and Mos Def. In 1998, Massive Attack released Mezzanine, their third album. Many of the songs of this darker album are featured in some movies; for instance, the opening track, “Angel” appears in Snatch, Go, Flight of the Phoenix, Pi, Stay and Firewall. The fourth track, “Inertia Creeps” is featured in Stigmata. Massive Attack will appear in the Austin City Limits Music Festival in September 2006.

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