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Akwid is formed by brothers Sergio “Wikid” Gómez and Francisco “AK” Gómez who are originally from Jiquilpan, Michoacán. Akwid is a Mexican-American musical group that combines Spanish-language hip hop-style vocals along with Sinaloese banda music. Sergio and Francisco Gómez immigrated from Mexico to California as children, settling in the cross-cultural live wire of South Central Los Angeles. It was there where they formed the Juvenile Style DJ crew as teens and adopted their nicknames “Wikid” and “AK”. They began their careers mostly on the hip hop ‘underground’ movement in the early 90’s and even made some independent recordings. In their beginnings they were influenced mostly by rap and hip hop of groups like: AMG, NWA, Snoop Dog, DJ Quick, HI-C and Second to None. Soon, the brothers blended their DJ handles to form Akwid.

Soon after their release AKWID 2002, the duo was looking forward to incorporating some traditional Latin music in the line of artists like Chalino Sánchez, Carlos y Jose and other Mexican rhythms. Akwid focused on the banda/rap sound in earnest, rapping in Spanish over street-level beats punctuated by steely blasts from Mexican brass. They signed with Univision’s music wing and in 2003 they released Proyecto Akwid. The album won two Billboard Prizes, a Latin Award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album, and due to the sales in the Latin market turned Platinum. Their single "No Hay Manera (There's No Way)," became a hit in the Latin music charts. In 2004, they released the album KOMP 104.9 Radio Compa which takes the form of a radio broadcast (at first the group received little support from radio stations). The album incorporates a wider variety in instruments and collaborations from Latin musicians like Lorenzo de Montercarlo and Rolando Laserie. In 2005, their latest album Los Aguacates De Jiquilpan was released.

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