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IIO: Does It Mean Anything To You?

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IIO or iiO is an act of house/dance music that is formed by Markus Moser (producer, songwriter) and Nadia Ali (singer, songwriter). The name of this duo is derived from the model of a Sony PC laptop called VAIO. This duo began to work together when Markus Moser decided to search for someone to sing in his productions. A friend of Moser recommended Nadia Ali because he heard her singing while she worked for Versace NYC. In 2001, this New York City based duo released “Rapture”, a song that quickly reached the top of the charts.

Many remixes of “Rapture” were made by producers such as: Deep Dish, Armin Van Buuren and John Creamer & Stephane K. In 2003, IIO released “At The End”, another successful single; remixes by Saeed & Palash and The Scumfrog followed its release. Despite their success with these two singles, IIO took a self-imposed hiatus until May 2005 with the release of their first album Poetica. The release of Poetica was delayed on many occasions but fans all over the world finally enjoyed songs such as “Runaway”, “Kiss You” and “Smooth”. Today, Nadia Ali is concentrating on her solo career.

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