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David Benoit One of the Most Accepted Musicians of New Age Genre

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David Benoit is one of the most well-liked players in the expression somewhat imprecisely named "modern jazz". He has regularly played light musical environment melodies, what critic Alex Henderson has called "new age with a beat". David has done very little well jazz works, features homage to Bill Evans and teamwork with Emily Remler, but most of his creations for GRP have been expected evidently at the charts. He studied piano and symphony at El Camino College and, in 1975, performed on the single of the movie Nashville. After creating with Alphonse Mouzon and supplementary vocalist Gloria Lynne, he was worked with AVI brand when he was twenty-four, recording sets that covered the way in the direction of his present productivity.

In 1986, Benoit worked as a singly musician for GRP, an association that would end in 2003. Records such as “Professional Dreamer” and “Waiting for Spring” showcase his lyrical, smooth manner, while works such as his accolade to Vince Guaraldi's Peanuts achieves, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years, Here's to You, show where his own flavors lie. A decade later their first combined business enterprise, Russ Freeman and David Benoit worked together on Benoit and Freeman Project II, launched by the Concord connected brand Peak in 2004. For 2005's Orchestral Stories he was connected by the associates of the Asia America Symphony Orchestra and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

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