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Tree63: Giving Spiritual Fruits!

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Tree63 is the name of a Christian Rock band formed in South Africa in 1996. The members of the band are John Ellis (vocalist, guitarist, pianist and founder of the band), Thinus “Tain” Odendaal (drummer) and Daniel Ornellas (bassist). When they began playing, they did not have a name because they only were a group of friends which main interest was to perform the songs they had written. This was, for them, just an experiment. They did not expect the success achieved during their first live appearance so that they were not concerned about giving their band a name.

More live presentations and an increasing success lead them to perform on stage, so they needed a name. While standing under a tree, John decided to name the band Tree. In 1997, they released the album Overflow. This album included the twelve songs that were part of their live appearances, among them “Joy”, “Look What You've Done”, and “Worldwide”. The album was a real success; with only three weeks after its release, it had sold 1,000 copies. They were surely on the right track. The following record 63 contains their first radio hits and the ones that would attract the US audience and recording companies.

It is precisely due to a problem with their name Tree in The United States that they had to change their name by adding the name of this album: Tree63. Its American debut was the album Tree63 released in 2000. The album was a compilation of their best hits of “Overflow” and “63”. The singles “Treasure” and “Look What You've Done” were #1 in the US charts during 2001. They have released three more albums: The Life And Times Of Absolute Truth (2002), The Answer To The Question (2004) and Worship Volume One: I Stand For You (2005).

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