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Sarah Brightman: A Successful Princess of Music!

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Sarah Brightman is the name of a really good English actress and soprano.  She was born in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire on August 14, 1960.  Brightman realized her dream of becoming a great artist when she was just a little girl, time when she was taking ballet lessons.  When she was 16 years old, she became a member of a dance group called Pan’s People, but some time after, she got to lead Hot Gossip.  It was precisely during this time that she figured out about her great vocal talents.

Five years later, Sarah Brightman was given a role in a musical named Cats, where she met Andrew Lloyd Webber, from whom she got divorced amicably in 1990.  Among the musicals she starred in later, The Phantom of the Opera and Aspects of Love are remarkable.  In 1991, Sarah met the man who would later become not only her boyfriend, but also her producer: Frank Peterson.  In conjunction with this man, she was about to be a really famous star.  Hence, she launched her first album under a major label, A&M Records: Dive, the album featuring “Captain Nemo".

In 1995, Sarah Brightman released a rock/pop album titled Fly.  This disc allowed her to get well-known in Europe with “A Question of Honour”, a single comprising operatic vocals, rock, dance and classical styles.  However, after Fly but before Timeless, her next album, she made a duet with Andrea Bocelli.  This song, “Time to Say Goodbye”, sold over 18 million in Germany and reached the first positions in many other places.  Her albums Eden (1998), La Luna (2000) and Harem (2003), which have been extremely successful, are characterized by the fusion of Brightman’s and Peterson’s styles.

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