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Yolanda Adams: Conviction and Music!

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Yolanda Yvette Adams was born in Houston in 1962. She is one of the most important artists within Christian music and also one of the artists that blend R&B and gospel. This awarded artist began singing after performing as teacher and model. She released her debut album in 1988. Just as I Am was a successful album targeted to gospel audiences. She won even more fame and recognition with the release of Through The Storm (1991), Save the World (1993), More Than a Melody (1995), Shakin' the House: Live in L.A. (1996), Yolanda...Live in Washington (1996), and Songs From the Heart (1998).

A year after her first release, she signed with one of the most important labels Elektra Records. For Yolanda Adams, this was just part of her growing. She knew she was not going to change her message or do anything against her convictions just to reach more people. She would never affect the followers of her music and she did not. More spiritually and vocally mature, she released her debut album with Elektra Records. Mountain High...Valley Low (1999) was the opportunity for Yolanda Adams to touch audiences in need of spiritual relief. It was also awarded Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album in 2000 by the Grammy Awards.

However, this would be just her first award. That same year, the single “Open My Heart”, included in Mountain High...Valley Low, won an award for Outstanding Song given by the American National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. In 2001, she won again a Grammy for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album The Experience. Regarding Image Awards, she received awards for Outstanding Gospel Artist in 2000, 2001 and 2002 and for Female Artist in 2001. A legend, she has not given up her message and purpose to gain more audience or prizes. It has not been necessary.

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