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Sugarland, a country music duo, consisted originally of three singer/songwriters. All three members were well-known members of Atlanta's folk/acoustic/rock scene in the 1990s and early 2000s but seemed to be heading in different directions. A powerhouse singer with some serious twang, Jennifer Nettles worked steadily on the local club circuit and played with Soul Miner’s Daughter. Singer-songwriter, Kristen Hall had a solo career in which she had already released two albums; sometimes she crossed paths with the Indigo Girls. A local Folk-Rock hero, Kristian Bush played with Billy Pilgrim. Frequently, they played at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia.

Sugarland’s story began when Hall gave Bush a phone call to see if he was interested in writing some songs together. Hall had already made a name for herself with her two albums, but could not cope with playing her soul-baring songs in every performance and felt she was getting stuck. Bush was also getting tired and even felt that Billy Pilgrim had become more work than fun. So they began working together and realized they might be on the right track to something good. Realizing they needed a singer, they asked Nettles, who was looking to try something new. The trio, having already enjoyed playing in clubs, decided to start with higher aspirations. As soon as they began performing, they received a great response from the audience. Shortly after, they found themselves signing a contract to Mercury Records.

In October 2004, Sugarland’s debut album Twice the Speed of Life was released. The album sold over 1.7 million copies, granting it a double platinum certification. The group has released four singles which have received extensive radio play: "Baby Girl", "Something More", "Just Might (Make Me Believe)", and "Stand Back Up". In January, 2006, Nettles and Bush released a statement where they explained that Hall had decided “to stay home and write songs” and that they supported her decision.

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