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Kix: This Band Could Have Been More Famous

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Kix was a rock band that had catchy songs and amazing live performances. This band could have been even more successful but they decided to pay more attention to writing and playing at clubs of the Chesapeake region rather than showing glamour or producing music videos. This band was extremely famous in a rock-and-roll night club called Hammerjacks Concert Hall and Nightclub. The members of Kix were: Steve Whiteman (vocals), Donnie Purnell (bass), Jimmy Chalfant (drums), Ronnie Younkins (guitar,) Brian Jay Forsythe (guitar), Brad Divens (guitar from 1982 to 1983), Jimi K Bones (guitar, 1992) and Pat DeMent (guitar, 1995).

This band was founded in 1978, in Hagerstown, Maryland. The first name that the band used was The Shooze, and then they changed it to The Generators before choosing the name Kix. This band was considered one of the top cover bands of Maryland; in 1981, they signed a record deal with Atlantic Records. In that same year, Kix released their self-titled debut album. Some of the songs that this album includes are: “The Kid”, “Contrary Man”, “Heartbeat”, “Love at First Sight and “Atomic Bombs”. The song “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” became the most popular concert song of Kix. In 1995, Kix released Show Business, their final studio album; this band broke up in that same year. The discography of Kix includes: Kix, Cool Kids, Midnite Dynamite, Blow My Fuse, Hot Wire, Kix Live, Show Business and The Essentials.

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