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Megadeth is a thrash metal band created in the early 80’s and one of the groups responsible for the boom of that genre. Gutarist Dave Mustaine founded the band in 1983 after leaving the band Metallica. His partners not only cast him out of the band but also sent him home in a 16-hour bus journey. During that trip, the rage that Mustaine kept inside evoked in him the idea to form a band of his own, and thus make Ulrich and his friends regret their decision. In his journey, Dave heard in a movie the phrase “mega death”, and from there, the name of this great metal band was born.

After a couple of years, Megadeth established as an iconic band within rock, getting to play in 1999’s Woodstock. In their career, Megadeth has many hits such as Symphony of Destruction. Recently, Mustaine and Hetfield have settled and have even made presentations together.

For some time, Megadeth remained inert because its leader, Dave Mustaine, suffered from a tendonitis attack in one of his arms, which left him unable to play the guitar. However, with iron will, he overcame it so fast than by 2004 Megadeth’s new album hit the shelves one more time.

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