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Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn were raised near a town outside Salt Lake City, in Magna, Utah. The three sisters were raised as their father says, "on the three B's--Beach Boys, Beatles and Beethoven". Also their mother taught them harmony singing to the albums they listened on the car radio. When Kristyn was twelve, she bought a Restless Heart album that awakened the trio’s interest in country music. Kelsi and Kassidy began performing at different places from retirement homes, churches, and in the neighborhood to the local theater. Even if Kristyn participated too, she lost her interest during high school and didn’t regain it until later on.

The three sisters moved to Nashville. Within a few months they had landed and lost a record deal, recording an unreleased album. During five years they divided their time between working in mall department stores and playing clubs at night. After all their hard work and struggle, SHeDAISY finally signed with Lyric Street Records in 1977. Their first album, The Whole Shebang, was able to sell more than a million copies and was awarded double platinum bringing a bunch of nominations along. The singles "Little Good-Byes", "This Woman Needs", "I Will...But", and "Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)" all reached the Top 10.

SHeDAISY released a remixed version of their debut LP as well as a Christmas album (Brand New Year in 2000). In 2002 the trio came back with their sophomore effort Knock On The Sky. SHeDAISY’s 2004 album entitled Sweet Right Here featured singles like “Passenger Seat”, “Come Home Soon” and “Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing”, which became a Top 10 hit. In 2005, they shot a commercial supporting the AMBER Alert System, which helps find missing children. In 2006, the trio released Fortuneteller’s Melody. The younger sister, Karli, will take Kelsi’s place for the 2006 summer tour because of Kelsi’s pregnancy.

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