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Della Reese: Singularity and Talent

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Her birth name is Delloreese Patricia Early; she was born July 6, 1931 in Michigan. She has a fruitful career as an actress and as a jazz and gospel singer. She was born to parents of African American and Cherokee Indian descent. During her childhood she sang in the Christian church she and her family attended. She formed a gospel group and sang together with Mahalia Jackson when she studied at Wayne State University. Some time later, she had to drop out school because her mother died and her father got very sick.

Della Reese’s successful career started in 1953, when she signed a contract for Jubilee Records; her first two hits, and maybe the most important in her musical career are “Don’t You Know” and “And That Reminds Me”. For nine years, she performed her singles in Las Vegas.

Her facet as an actress started in 1969, when she participated in the program “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson". Her most recent work in television was her character of Tess in the popular drama “Touched by an Angel” broadcasted from 1994 to 2003. In her personal ambiance, Reese is a lecturer of the American Diabetes Association; she visits many cities around the United States with the purpose of elevating consciousness about diabetes, due to the fact that she suffers from this tough illness.

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