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Eddie from Ohio

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Eddie from Ohio, or more simply, EFO, is a United States folk band from Northern Virginia formed in 1991. The band has been very successful in a local level and has been awarded with four Wammies (music awards given in to groups of the area of Washington DC) as well as a nationwide following throughout their career.

The band Eddie from Ohio is composed of four members, which are: Julie Murphy Wells in the vocals, Robbie Schaefer in the guitar and vocals, Eddie Hartness in the percussion and vocals, and Michael Clem in the guitar, bass, harmonica, and vocals. Despite the band’s name, Eddie from Ohio is not actually from Ohio. The name was coined by a college friend of Hartness’s from an analogy with Ed ‘from Ohio’ Crawford, the lead singer of the alternative rock band FIREHOSE.

Michael Clem and Robbie Schaefer were friends since childhood and Murphy Wells (formerly Julie Murphy) was a high-school friend of Schaefer’s. Eddie Hartness used to be a member of Clem’s former band, and gathered with all of them to form the folk band.

Murphy Wells was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and the band’s activities have been temporarily suspended since then. Eddie from Ohio will start their 2006 touring schedule on April 21 in Houston, Texas.

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