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Derroll Adams

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Deroll Adams (born Derroll Lewis Thompson) was an influential American folk singer and songwriter born on November 27, 1925 and who died on February 6, 2000. Adams was born in Portland, Oregon, and at the age of 16, Adams served in the Army of the United States and later in the Coast Guard. He played the banjo and had a deep voice. Adams entered the music scene after 1950 when he met Ramblin’ Jack Elliott in Los Angeles, California. The pair toured together and released several albums, including “Cowboys” and “Ramblin’s Boys”.

The legend says Derroll Adams and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott would record their albums on the spur of the moment and under the effects of whiskey, marijuana, or whatever else they had. His solo projects were Portland Town (1967), Feelin’ Fine (1972), Movin’ On (1974), Along the Way (1977), Derroll Adams LIVE (1994), Songs of the Banjoman (1997), and Banjoman – a tribute to Derroll Adams Blue Groove BG-1420 (2002).

Derroll Adams died in 2000 in Antwerp, Belgium, and his folk music has influenced many other musicians around the world, such as Donovan, among others, and incorporated the American traditional music in other countries.

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