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Warrant: Musical Evolution

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Warrant is a hair metal band that was formed in 1984 in Los Angeles. The current members of Warrant are: Jaime St. James (vocals), Erik Turner (guitar), Joey Allen (guitar), Jerry Dixon (bass) and Steven Sweet (drums). The former members of Warrant are: Adam Shore (vocals, 1984 - 1985), Jani Lane (vocals, 1986 - 1993, 1994 - 2004), Josh Lewis (guitar, 1984 - 1986), Rick Steier (guitar, 1994 - 2000), Keri Kelli (guitar, 2000), Billy Morris (guitar, 2000 - 2004), Max Asher (drums, 1984 - 1985), James Kottak (drums, 1994 - 1996), Bobby Borg (drums, 1996 - 1997), Vik Foxx (drums, 1997 - 1998), Danny Wagner (drums, 1998 - 2000), Mike Fasano (drums, 2000 - 2003), Kevin Pharis (drums, 2003 - 2004) and Dave White (keyboards, 1994).

In 1989, Warrant released their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, which enjoyed significant success. Three songs included in this album became instant hits; these songs are: “Heaven”, “Sometimes She Cries”, and “Down Boys". The second album of Warrant was released in 1990 and it sold 3 million copies; some songs of this record are: “I Saw Red”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “Cherry Pie". Warrant is currently producing their 7th studio album. The discography of Warrant includes: Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, Cherry Pie, Dog Eat Dog, The Best Of, Ultraphobic, Belly to Belly, Live 86-97, Demons for Diehards, Greatest & Latest, Under the Influence and Born Again.

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