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Cass Elliot

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“Mama” Cass Elliot, Baroness von Wiedenman (born Ellen Naomi Cohen) was a famous singer from the United States born on September 19, 1941 and who died on July 29, 1974. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland and spent most of her early days in Alexandria, Virginia, a Washington, D.C suburb, as well as in Baltimore.

Elliot performed with The Mamas & the Papas and after that began her solo career, in which she was very successful and released nine albums. Due to her optimism and sense of humor, she was the most charismatic member of The Mamas & Papas. Her voice was very distinctive, and she is often remembered by her performance in “California Dreamin’”, “Words of Love”, and “Monday, Monday”, songs she sang with the group, in addition to “Dream a Little Dream of Me” a solo song.

There are several myths around Cass Elliot, especially about her death. It is said that she choked on a sandwich. However, the coroner did not find any food on her trachea, and said the cause of death was a heart failure. Nevertheless, the urban legend became popular and more details were added to the story, such as that the sandwich was a ham sandwich.

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